Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Stealthified Vintage Ram!

Nothing new here:
I love vintage vehicles.
I love electric vehicles.
I love vintage electric vehicles.

Apparently, many of you do too.

{{Warning - Blogger Chases-a-Rabbit Paragraph}}
Mesquite Hugger is my first attempt at blogging. One thing that was a nice surprise for me as a beginning blogger was being able to look at basic stats on visitors to the blog. I can see how many page views there are each day, where people are finding the blog, which country the readers are located in, and other basic info like that. (Someone from RĂ©union read an entry recently. I had to look the country up and read the Wiki. Now I want to go there! MH also has a surprising number of vsits from the Ukraine. Who knew?)

A surprise runaway post lately is one I wrote back in April. There was little interest in it when I posted it, but it has developed a second life lately. It has had 30 views in the last month, which is really heavy traffic for this little ol' blog from Lubbock. It deals with vintage scooter, moped, and minibike EV conversions that I have admired. The rat rod bikes and bike trailers also get more views than the average posts, as do posts about electric VWs.

So, today when I ran across a Gas 2 post about a Kentucky man who  converted his '39 Dodge Pickup to be an electric with range and speed capabilities very similar to a Nissan Leaf. I knew you would be as excited to learn more about it as I was. Snagit, this thing is cool!!!

Why is Lexington man's 1939 Dodge pickup so quiet? Its secret may surprise you

Pickups from this era are great candidates for conversion - light weight, sturdy frames, easy access for working, inherent coolness and inherent function. Plus, it's hard to beat a Ram hood ornament!

May your recycled green transportation be this cool too!