Friday, February 17, 2017

A Valentine's Present from Germany: Smart to be all-electric

[After the massive disappointment of seeing Ford's Mark Fields' campaign to weasel out of fuel economy standards, it was really nice to see a car company make a move in the world-saving direction this week.]
Honey, it may be time for new Mesquite Hugger Logo!

The headline from John Voelcker over at Green Car Reports reads Smart to be all-electric in U.S. and Canada; gasoline goes away this fall


So, here is my open letter to Daimler, Smart's parent company:

Bravo! Genial! Ihr Leute schaukelt! Über Nacht bin ich ein Smart Fan geworden! Vielen Dank!
(Bravo! Awesome! You people rock! Overnight, I have become a Smart fan! Thank you!)

Now, I have a few requests: [Kannst du diesen verrückten Amerikanern glauben, immer etwas mehr? Oy vey!]

Please bring back the Smart Roadster (Electric):

Mid-life crises need more eco-friendly choices!

Please send us the Smart ForFour (Electric):

Why should single people have all the fun?
Please build us the Smart Crosstown (Electric):

It could be the coolest electric car ever! Ever!
Please build ME the Smart Truck (Electric):
(Here and Here, respectively)
This one is a desperate plea - I need an eco-friendly way to haul recycling and bicycling and upcycling. Please!!! (Please beat Carlos Ghosn to the punch on this one!)
The old Dodge just ain't doing the eco-friendly trick!
Daimler, thank you!
May we see this kind of good news and corporate responsibility become more and more common!
PS. Carlos, I still love you, man, but some major car builder needs to offer us a fully electric truck!