Wednesday, February 22, 2017

For One Lucky Lubbock Business: Be More Bike Friendly for $45

[By the way, traffic congestion in Lubbock is a very real problem. Fewer cars would be very helpful. More bikes could mean fewer cars. It's that solution to vicious cycle thing.]

I commute on a bike and I often run errands on a bike. To lock a bike up in Lubbock, you gotta get creative.

I literally hug a tree each day I bike commute. (But it's not a mesquite.)

At work, I chain my bike to a tree. I have a self-recoiling cable that I wrap around the tree and slip through the frame and the rear wheel. It often slips from my grip and makes me a great candidate for America's Funniest Home Videos or Lubbock's Dorkiest Cyclist. I don't love the idea of picking on a tree that way (although the hugs are nice), but my other two options are to chain it to a light pole in the parking lot next door or carry the bike up three flights of stairs and park it in my already cluttered office.

U-Locked to a handicap parking sign - another not-so-great choice.
I will finally get around to the point:
Yes, I get a little excited about a bike rack!
(Look in the Bike Parts and Accessories section.)
The point is that life is better when there's a good place to park your bike. And we cyclists like to work and shop at places that hook us up with a nice rack or even a mediocre rack. We like to talk those places up to others - even those strange people who don't try to ride a bike everywhere.
So, Lubbock businesses, how about it? But before you answer that question, please read this article:
The CliffffffsNotes for Business Guide to that link above:
  • Want more jobs, read Benefit 1.
  • If you're trying to increase sales, read Benefit 2.
  • If your business suffers from high health care costs and too many sick days, read Benefit 3.
  • If your business does not have enough parking, read Benefit 4.
  • If you're a city planner or economic developer, read Benefit 5.
  • If your business wants to attract more students, read Benefit 6.
So, Lubbock businesses, how about it? Who's going to rack up all those benefits for just $45?
May we find better and healthier ways for us all to get around and treat each other much better!