Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Valentine's is (apparently) for the Birds

Birds make me very happy. Pretty much all birds. For me, a truly wealthy day is one where I spend at least ten minutes getting to watch wild birds somewhere.

I received a Valentine's email and slideshow from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology yesterday. It contained birds. Birds make me happy. I wanted to make you happy, so I am sharing the birds with you!

I am featuring one of their photos for you and a link to the slideshow. This is by far not the best photo in the bunch, but the Great Blue Heron is by far my favorite bird. Period. So don't you be talkin' no trash about my herons!

May you know the wealth of bird-watching time (or your personal equivalent) on every day. Happy Valentine's, amigos y aves!
PPS. If you run across my wife today, please tell her that the Mesquite Hugger adores her more than Great Blue Herons, grackles, and burrowing owls combined! (She'll know that it's a big deal.)
PPPS. If you find yourself needing a little nature time, read The Urban Bestiary already! Seriously, just read it!