Monday, March 13, 2017

The Heart of Lubbock Community Garden Exercycle Water Pump Update

[How is that title for a mouth full of crunchy goodness?]
While it's not the square peg in a round hole syndrome, it's close. The pulley arrived in the mail Tuesday. I excitedly ripped the package open and ran to the garage to check for fit. So the shaft appears to be roughly 0.752", the pulley has a hole that's more like 0.748".

Ugh. It's the little things, or the slightly-too-little things that count.

So, I did what I do well when the going gets tough. I went to have coffee with Grizz. We examined the problem, and I found a solution. I handed the pump and pulley to Grizz and said, "Please fix this." (You should all be fortunate enough to have a Grizz to drink coffee with.)

This is Grizz fixing the problem.

Grizz fixed the problem!

This is my specialized exerbike fork spreader in action

The first belt was too short.
The second belt (pictured) was too long.
The third belt (62") was just right. 

Here's the maiden voyage - it pumps water well, but it's super hard to pedal and the belt slips a bit.
(Back to the drawing board, the bike boneyard, and the hardware store.)
Sheila wasn't too impressed by the pump, but she did like the compost pile and the greenhouse.
(You know how hard it is to impress a shepherd-princess.)
We are so close to having this thing up and pumping in our favorite community garden!
May your projects not need too many revisions or trips to the v-belt store, and may you live healthy and well in your community.