Thursday, May 11, 2017

Is it really bike to work day in Lubbock?

I rode the bike to work today, but I didn't know. Yep, the Mesquite Hugger calendar update system is needing some help. It was when I arrived at the java distributor and paused the Strava app that I saw a pop-up informing me that it is ride to work day. Man, am I glad that I rode!
Of course, I am always glad on days that I ride. But how did this sneak up on me? (Actually, it's pretty easy to sneak up on me these days.)
So, I Oogled it:
I learned that today is  Global Bike to Work Day and it's Bike to Work Day in the Bay Area. And it's Bike to Work day a week from tomorrow here in the States. Yep, I am still confused, so I have a new goal - I want to try to ride on every Bike to Work Day and on lots of days that are just plain old Snagit, I Still Have to Go Work Day days.
Why? I am going to defer to the NBL on this one:
Check it out at the National Bike League site
So, how about you? Do any of those reasons appeal to you? Then try it, snagit!
  • Pick a day (like maybe May 19th -  US Bike to Work Day.)
  • Air up your tires (or borrow a bike - call me!)
  • Plan your route
  • Do it! (You might actually enjoy it, or save money, or get healthy, or become a Mesquite Hugger hero by fighting pollution!)
May you get out and pedal yourself to a better life for you and all of us!