Saturday, May 20, 2017

Where are they now: the MotoChimp Electric Scooter

Yep, I hear you, there's not a lot of joyfulnicity in eco news lately. The mirth has been a little elusive.

But it still rears its lovely and funky head here and there.

A new Fully Charged video came out this week reviewing a little scooter we talked about last year - the MotoChimp. Last year it was a fun little sidebar, but this year there's lot more to the story. Check out the video.

Here in Lubbock it's been amusing (and a little terrifying) to see all the young college guys embracing two oddball scooters - the Honda Ruckus and the Honda Grom. And if they'll ride those...

Why not?

Really, why not? If you're looking for cheap, local, eco-friendly transportation, why not ride something that makes you (and everyone around you) smile in a really big way. It has a 40 mile range, charges in one hour, will fit in your sock drawer, and it let's the world know that you take your planet-saving very, very seriously (but not your tough guy/gal image.)

Nope, it's not available here yet, but that just gives you a little more time to get used to the idea before you place your order.

Learn more about the MotoChimp at

Knippa, you could wear your gorilla suit!

May you have some eco-friendly fun today.