Friday, August 4, 2017

Fossil Free Friday: 6 Compact Cargo Bikes

Since getting to sit astride a Yuba Mundo, I keep looking toward smaller cargo bikes. That thing was huge!

So I take notice every time a new one pops up. Which happened this week. The Tern GSD is making the e-bike rounds, and it's a very cool bike, but they haven't posted any prices yet and it may be a little while before we can get one over here. So I got to thinking about what is available over here...

Ariel builds some pretty nice bikes and they don't skimp on the parts: Tektro hydraulic disc brakes, Samsung battery pack, and Shimano Altus running gear. The C-Class can be had as a 250 watt or a 500 watt and can run up to 30mph. There's a lot to like. Prices start at $2099 and don't go up much.


In a world of mass production, the CycleTrucks stand apart as handmade works of very useful bike art. They build the Beavertail, the S.U.B. (sport utility bike), and some racks and custom work. Prices start around $1300 and that seems a bargain for what you are getting. (And they can fly!)

Tern GSD

Tern is a Taiwan-based manufacturer of some pretty nifty folding bikes, and they have just launched a new cargo bike (that does not fold but is also pretty nifty). It's not much (if any) bigger than a standard bicycle but it has cargo capacity like the big boys. It also has a Bosch mid-drive motor system that will help tern the hills into childsplay. I am excited to see more details on this one.

ExtraCycle Cargo Node

Speaking of Tern, the Cargo Node is what happens when you team the Tern builders up with the Xtracycle builders. If you don't know XtraCycle, be sure to check out the EdgeRunner, the Leap, and the FreeRadical - all very cool. The Cargo Node folds, it hauls (up to 350 pounds), and it's small enough to be the junk in your trunk! The non-electric Cargo Node starts at $1800.

Bike Friday Haul-A-Day

Much like the Tern GSD, the Haul-A-Day is a non-folding cargo bike from a folding-bike company, but it does have some built-in shrinkability. The non-electric starts at $1250 - BionX electric system can be added. The Haul-A-Day can weigh as little as 33 pounds. Bike Friday is based in Oregon and offers lots of options and custom possibilities. Cool stuff!

Juiced Cargo Bikes

I keep going back to the Juiced bikes. If you want to ride a long distance on a proven hauler, check out the U500. It's available with three different battery packs with ranges from 40 miles to over 100 miles. The U500 has a lot of higher end components and 500 watts of power. The U350 is a stripped down version that'll still make a great two-wheeled truck for $500 less. [Juiced U350 ($1499) and U500 ($1999) 100+ mile version $3199!] Bargain hunters, be sure to check out the refurb page on the Juiced website. There are some cargo bike bargains lurking there.

Republic Bikes Kids Cargo

Hey, it's $349 and too cool for words. What else could you want!
May you haul your stuff around without burning gas and may you not need an acre to park your hauler.