Tuesday, September 12, 2017

DIY E-Bike Placeholder: A re-Run and a Propella

I am still working on the third installment of the BIY e-bike, and I know that at least 1.5 of you are waiting in anticipation, so I thought I'd throw out a minipost bone for you to chew on.

The first is an eight-month-old Mesquite Hugger post about e-bike basics. If you are following the DIY e-bike posts, this one will shed a lot of light on why and what we are striving to (virtually) build. Consider this one a strong supplement to that series since it will explain a lot of the third post:

 Our second post is a news article about the second generation of the Propella e-bike that is starting to ship now. While it may not look much like our project bike, it has a lot of similarity to our Mesquite Hugger DIY project formula - it's just skinnier, sleeker, and less powerful. And it comes to you already put together. We all have our virtues, and I think the Propella is a pretty cool little bike.

Hopefully, that'll give you a little info to gnaw on while I finish up Part 3 and get to work on Part 4.
May you know the feel of wind in your hair as you and a little motor pedal you on to the next great, eco-friendly adventure!
PS. How would you like the opportunity to be the one and only person who responds the 2017 Mesquite Hugger Survey? (The survey closes tomorrow and it would be great for this blogger's self esteem if somebody answered a question or two.)