Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Finding a Bike Rack in Lubbock

Cool Bike Rack at Red Robin

Something there is that does not love a wall
                                                    "Mending Wall" by Robert Frost

If Robert had lived in Lubbock, he might have written a followup poem that started with the line
Someplace there is that doesn't love a bike.

That place is definitely Lubbock. The people here find bicycles inconvenient obstacles to their runnings about. We have a few bike lanes in town, but those disappear when you get close to busy intersections - the place where we need them most.  We also have signs in town that announce bike routes. A bike route is apparently a bike lane without the lane. Hmm.

For me, one of the biggest cycling challenges is finding a parking place. I have found that spaces are easier to find as you get closer to Texas Tech, but I mostly ride to work and to shop, and that takes me away from Tech. When I ride to work, the options are mostly trees. There is a nice oak near the door where I enter, so that is my parking space of (reluctant) choice. I work near several businesses, but none of them have a bike rack. Strangely enough, there is a bike shop very close by, but there is no bike parking at the bike shop either. (???)
Ah, the oak tree

I rode the bike to Home Depot this weekend. Home Depot has an impressive bike rack - large and near the door. Very supportive to the tires. The challenge with their bike rack is that it stays buried. I often see bikes at the HD that are chained to the shopping cart corral, the handicap signs, and various displays. It's just easier than trying to get to the bike rack. It's a very mixed message. Do they want our business or do they just want to tease us?

Parking at the Depot

I know. I am just one of those whiny cyclists, but I am still in a better mood than you are. I read an article today that let me know that I am happier than people who drive cars and ride buses.

Happiness is a bike commute

May you easily park, and may you be happier than your commuting comrades!

Do you know a place in Lubbock that has great bike bike parking? Drop us a line (and a photo) at spraycan440@gmail.com. I would like to celebrate the businesses who encourage our patronage.