Monday, October 2, 2017

A Cargo Bike Bargain (or two) this Month

[Yes, I know, it's a sickness - this desire to use a cargo bike as a tool to burn less carbon. Oh, well.]

So, you've read the 400 or so Mesquite Hugger Cargo Bike (Dreaming) posts, and you, too, want a cargo bike, but you haven't yet found a suitable bargain to reel you into your practical dream. Well, this one might do it - especially if you've already got a nice 26" donor bike that just won't haul enough of your precious stuff.

Yep, it's $300 off of one of the most-respected longtail frames out there - that puts it down in the Xtracycle Leap (kit) price range. (And, personally, I love the green color too.)
Speaking of Xtracycle, they have some nice sales going on, too:
Look at all those Xtracycle savings out there!
I'd love to have the $1749 EdgeRunner 24D, but not when there's a Mundo LUX frameset out there for $699.
Weird Cargo Bike sidebar:
If you find yourself looking for a movie where you get to see multiple cargo bikes riding around San Francisco, a tiny house built by a former-football-hero-hobbit, and one of the best cat-turned-human actor portrayals ever, check out the IndieGoGo-ed film Unleashed.
No, it's not Citizen Kane, but if you are the same particular brand of eco-dork-pet-adopting-nerd-household as we are at Casa de Mesquite Hugger, you might just enjoy it!
A still from the YouTube Trailer. (Look for an EdgeRunner and a Boda Boda too.
Well, there's your cargo bike fix.
May choices better than burning gas be appealingly available. (And may you choose them!)