Tuesday, October 17, 2017

A Tiny House for the DIY Challenged - A Visit to the Amazon

Okay, you know who you are (or you will figure it out some time soon.)

In case you haven't figured it out, here's a quick quiz to help you figure it out.

Check all that apply:
  • You have more than ten unfinished projects.
  • People ask, "What the !@#$ is that?" when they see your finished projects.
  • You work (at your day job) all the time.
  • Your photo is on Home Depot's We Reserve the Right to Refuse Service to Anyone poster.
  • Your family staged an intervention and canceled your subscriptions to Mother Earth News, Make, Instructables, and Pinterest.
  • You only need one more punch on your card for a free visit to the local emergency room.
  • Your significant other and/or HOA has served you a Cease-and-Desist-Doing-it-Yourself letter.
If you even thought about clicking one of those, you probably don't need to build your own tiny house, but there's still hope for you living tiny:

Heating, A/C, and a toilet - what more could you need?

Maybe some torch lights, a dishwasher, and a fire extinguisher...

Home, Sweet Shipping Container
To be fair, I have to mention that there are lots of other prefab tiny house options out there. A little oogling will not only reveal those, but will probably net you a local builder that'd be happy to put one together for you. (A few years ago, one was built in my neighborhood by a local builder for a similar price.)
To get you started, here's an Inhabitat article from last year with some quirky, tasty, and downright inexpensive options for you.
Green Magic Homes (Check out the elephants on the website)
I like the hobbit house, but I really don't like the idea of mowing the roof or waking up next to a prairie dog.
Actually, I really, really like the Arched Cabins from way-south Texas. If we ordered up a 24' x 60', could we still call it a "tiny" home? My wife really likes shipping container architecture, so maybe a square house and a pointy/archy garage? Now if I could find a pointy/archy garage with free Prime shipping, then we'd be talking!
May whatever you live in suit your needs and tread very, very lightly upon our earth!