Saturday, June 8, 2019

The Mid-Life Eco-Fight Lull (a thank you letter to those working for a better world)

Several years ago my wife and I went to DC to join in a peaceful protest aimed at slowing fossil fuel production and increasing renewable energy production. As we gathered with a few hundred new friends, we looked around and noticed a few thing about the crowd. First, and not surprising, we were the only Texans there. Second, we were also a big minority in our age. There were lots of people under 30 and there were lots of people over 60. I think there were four of us total.

One of the organizers explained it pretty easily. People in our age range were too busy trying to raise families, stay employed, prepare for retirement, and pay for their mortgages and loans and colleges and cars and credit cards and....a whole lot of other stuff that defines the middle-aged and middle-classed. They were too caught up in staying afloat to reach much outside of their own homes. I understood it then and was thankful we were in a place that allowed us to reach outside of our little lives.

We're not in that place now. We are fully overwhelmed with trying to take care of kids and parents and grandparents, trying to keep the house from falling down, trying to keep the bills somewhat current, and trying not to walk away from our beliefs.

So, when I see people organizing, educating, and passionately working to create a healthier world where the planet and all people are respected, protected, and cared for, I am thankful and inspired to keep pedaling, to keep bugging my local lawmakers, and to look forward to a time when I can get back in the battle for our lives. Godspeed, my friends, and thank you for all your effort, passion, and sacrifice.

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