Friday, August 30, 2013

a-wiggling and a-hissing

My favorite Texas snake - the hognose

Fall is fast approaching, and I am yearning to go for a hike or two in the local canyons. Since we don't believe much in mountains around here, we have to seek out their opposites if we want to find interesting hikes. One thing about fall hiking around here, it is one of the best times to see the local wildlife - especially the reptiles. They take advantage of warm sunlight and the radiant heat of the rocks, and hiking trails often offer some of the best sunning opportunites.

I have often heard that the only good snake is a dead snake, and I often hear snake stories that end with a rake, a rock, or a shotgun. We like to kill the things we don't understand. There are only four indigenous poisonous snakes in this area, and I have only encountered two of those around here: the rattlesnake and the water moccasin. Thanks to the Aggies, here is a website to help you know more about the poisonous ones:

And here is some good general info about Texas snakes:

And here's a little Tom T. Hall music for you snake and/or root beer lovers out there:

Have a great day, and all of you 18-28 year old males, be sure to read that first website closely and be careful out there!