Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Colorado Green Stuff 3 - Solar Panels

Dagnabbit! Should have taken more pictures. Sometimes you get caught up in the living rather than the camera.

We saw solar panels everywhere, especially in the more sparsely popluated areas. Sometimes it's just easier to install solar panels than trying to run electric lines to remote areas. But we also saw a great deal of solar in areas that had easy access to the local power grid. On the way to CaƱon City, we saw an auto repair shop that had a very impressive solar array even though the power lines ran right across their property. The nicest surprise came as we were leaving Royal Gorge Rafting and Zipline Tours - there was a huge solar array supplying all of the electricity for the restaurant and all of the buildings in on their property. I really like doing business with places that are making an effort to preserve our natural resources.

Royalgorgerafting.net (A shout out for Dave Klein <Cline?> who was a great river guide as well.)

(Not a photo of us, but pretty darn close!)
May your day be filled with adventure and joy!