Monday, August 26, 2013

Colorado (Somewhat) Green Stuff 2 - Own an Inch of Colorado

We saw these semi trailers parked along I-25. If you go to the website, you will find a group that is working to keep a very large area of Colorado ranchland from being used as US Army artillery range and war games practice area. One of their approaches utilizes the selling of 1 inch square tracts of land to raise money to continue their fight and to develop a landowner association.

In their own words:

For your $10 you'll receive a frame-able, legal deed and you'll be supporting the Pinon Canyon Expansion Opposition Coalition, ( PCEOC ) in their effort to prevent the Army from taking 6.9 million acres of magnificent prairie and canyon lands away from generational ranchers in order to turn the southeastern corner of Colorado into a huge, live-fire range.

So please, become a property owner, stop the federalization of Colorado's lands and militarization of Colorado's economy. By purchasing an inch of land you'll be standing with American citizens who are fighting to protect their homes and their lands from seizure by the military. You'll be helping to prevent the creation of more than 17,000 refugees and you'll become part of the most unique land-owners association in America: The Pinon Canyon Square Inch Land

You will also find links for possible ecological impacts and damages that this that this expansion could cause.

Dear Reader, what are your thoughts on this group's approach to having their voices heard?