Monday, October 28, 2013

Electric Car Optimism

More excited than I should be about this one - I had my fourth Tesla Model S sighting on Saturday around noon, but unlike the others, this one was in our part of the world. It was just a little south of
Justiceburg on Highway 84. It was black and running with traffic on a 75mph road.

So, why am I so darned excited? Because this is an electric car that is a real car - a road trip car. Realistically, it probably came from the Dallas area and still had enough charge to be running 75mph way out in our West Texas boonies. It's not a car for the masses yet, but it's a big step closer than anything we've seen. And the bigger car manufacturers have a target to aim for.

I guess it's time for me to break out the soldering iron and get to work!

May you have a glorious day and may our Monday morning fog be a blessing rather than curse.