Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Mesquite Hugger 2017 Resolution Help

[Yes, I know this one is a little late, but, hey, there are still 361 days left in the year!]

In case you've been thinking to yourself, Self, I have been wanting to come up with some 2017 resolutions but I am just too distracted! If only some goofy blogger would offer up some suggestions to help me get started. Then I could change the world for the better!

[For today's post, there will be lots of recycled posts and images - a bit like an 80's montage!]

Eat Better (for you and the planet)

Some concrete goals to work on in this one - eat less meat, eat more local foods, eat unprocessed foods. And yes, these goals are good for your health and the planet's health. (I am doing well at less meat, but I need to step up the local and say no to processed sugar. Ouch!)

Plan Ahead

This one is pretty simple, can cut down on your stress, can save you money, and everyone (including you) will like you better. Prepare for your day a little ahead of time. Before you go to bed, know where your keys and wallet/purse are, make sure you have a clean re-usable cup, know if your car is charged (or has gas, snagit), pack your lunch, pick out your outfit, know where your bike lock is, and (fill in your own specific blanks). The whole idea is that if these things are all dealt with, you're less likely to have unexpected surprises, you'll rush around a lot less, and you won't make as many unhealthy choices on the fly. (One day at a time on this one. I find that more rush = less green.)

Go LED already!

One of the cheapest and easiest ways to save money and reduce your carbon footprint is to replace any incandescent bulbs you have with LED bulbs. If you are looking for a quick and easy change for the better, jump on this! (The MH house is done, but the garage need a bit of help on this one.)

Drive Less/Exercise More

Several of the people I work with are in a weight-loss pool, and there have been lots of tears with today's weigh-in. Not surprisingly, there have been tears over money spent and calories consumed. So, why not attack both issues with one resolution? Look at all your car trips and see which you can replace with bike or walking trips. Your bank account, your waistline, and the air we breathe will thank you! (Shooting for 1200 bike commute miles and more walking. Big news coming on a bike!)


This one is especially helpful for those of you who cook food at home and/or do your own yardwork. While we talk a lot about reducing emissions, composting also helps us to sequester carbon. Planting trees and gardens sequesters carbon too! (I have two composters going, and I'd still like to build a compost tumbler.)


For many of you, this one is easy, (Go Tech!) Even if it's not easy, it's definitely worthwhile. Any time you can reduce the need for new raw materials (such as petroleum, wood, and metal) and reduce the amount of waste going into our overcrowded landfills, you have made a big positive impact. If you can combine your recycling with low-carbon transportation like walking or biking, you can make it even better! (That second part is on my radar this year - reCYCLE by biCYCLE  and upCYCLEd trailer.)

Get Political

Apapthy has gotten us where we are. Voting, voicing our concerns, and getting involved can help us to reach a point where we want to be. Sitting around complaining will only make us bitter if we do only that. Find a place to plug in, to share your voice with similar voices. (For me, it's more time devoted to the CCL and a lot more letters and calls to our local reps - I called our two state senators yesterday. It's a start.)

Quiet Time Alone for You

For me, this one is huge. Find a way to sit quietly and gather your thoughts. Meditate, journal, pray, daydream. Create time where you can figure what your beliefs and desires are. Then use that knowledge to see if your actions match those beliefs. For many of us, a few minutes per day can make a big difference in the way we live and move.

May you find a better year and make it happen!

PS. Always make time for your friends!