Thursday, October 10, 2013

Solving One Electric Vehicle Problem

This is my stealth scooter, but I did not rebuild it to be a stealth scooter - I rebuilt it to be an electric scooter. When I did get it on the road, I learned that the stealth part is just inherent in the electric part.  I also have an electric bicycle and an electric motorcyle, and they are all quite stealthy, but the scooter is by far the quietest of the three. They are so darn quiet! It's really nice and peaceful to ride until you come upon someone walking.  When you ride it through residential neighborhoods, you startle almost all pedestrians - dogs, cats, squirrels, people. They jump, they scream, they run in circles. I tap the horn a great deal when riding it just to give everyone or everything a heads-up, but I still end up startling a fair number of creatures. I have seen many different methods for drawing attention when travelling electric, and some have been very creative. My favorite so far is an mp3 player that plays sound effects from the Jetson's vehicles.

Here's a video of some comedians who have found a bit of hilarity in solving this problem. Enjoy!

Electric Vehicle Attention