Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Glass Recycling in Lubbock (Eek!) - A Call for New Ideas

Does our next subdivision need to look like this?

Lubbock owns a glass crusher.

But it is broken. And our city does not want to pay to fix it.

But that is mostly okay. It did not really recycle glass anyway. It crushed it, and we gave the crushed glass away for landscaping and such.

The frustrating part of glass recycling is that it is not economically viable even though it is very viable from a recycling standpoint. As a recycled material, it is excellent, very little if any loss involved. This is very unlike plastic that diminishes in quality with each recycling. But glass is very cheap to make initially, and with all the variations in color these days, it becomes more and more complicated to sort.

If you visit Lubbock's newest recycling drop-off points, you will notice that there is nowhere to drop off your glass.

While researching glass recycling in Texas, I found this very informative article:

Glass Recycling in Texas

So, does anybody have any suggestions or ideas for our town? Does anybody in town have ambitions of building an Earthship? Can we find something constructive to do with this glass that will keep it out of the landfill? Does anyone want to take an Instructable idea to the next level? What have you got?

There is a gentleman who has been building a bottle fence on Boston Avenue. Maybe we need to talk to him...


Instructables for Recycling Glass Bottles

Working together, may we find a solution.

(Thanks, JG!)