Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Electric Euro Cycles We Can't Have #3: OtoCycle

Today's post takes us to Barcelona, Spain (and a lot of other places). [This one is for Flattracker 23.]
Otocycles Site (Be sure to click the logo when you get there.)
OtoCycles is a Spanish e-bike company that produces four models of hand-built e-bikes. They all look like some type of vintage motorcycle - a boardtrack racer, a bobber, a café racer, and a minibike. Prices start around 3000 Euros (about $3500), but that doesn't matter over here because they (so far) have no North American dealers.

Love the OtoK and (especially) the RaceR, not so much on the CrosS and the OtoR
Specs for the RaceR (Very similar to the other three)
One thing with OtoCycle that will appeal to nuestros norteAmericanos is the available option to purchase bigger motors and bigger battery packs. I weigh about 250 and I really feel sorry for any 250-watt bike that gets suckered into hauling my cuerpo gordo around.
The big appeal of the Otocycles for me lies in the past. One of my favorite vintage cycle brands is the made-in-Spain Bultaco. They also have one of the coolest logos ever:
Thumbs up - let's ride!
Many moons ago I was fortunate enough to spend a weekend riding a Bultaco Alpina all over the area around Cloudcroft, New Mexico. While the controls were all backwards for me, the rides were nothing but thumbs up! Since then I have wanted a Bultaco, and my first choice would be the Tralla.

Does anyone see a remblance?
The Oto RaceR looks a whole lot like the Tralla of my dreams - but it does not run on gasoline - a true thumbs up!
So, check them out, drool a bit, and know that they are not available on this side of the Atlantic.
But wait - you know I would not leave you hanging. Here are some similar bikes that are available over here. They're (mostly) out of the Mesquite Hugger price range, but they're sure fun to look at!
Stuff you can have here in the States:
Hand-built, fast, beautiful, expensive (4 models - made in California)
 4 models (one cargo bike!) neat options, very reasonably priced
Ariel was formerly a prestigious British motorcycle builder.
Three models hand-built in Italy, not cheap -  great attention to detail
Italjet evolved from a prestigious Italian motorcycle and scooter builder.

Three models (plus custom build options) hand-built in SoCal, very expensive!
And for those of you who want a nice cruiser bike down closer to the Mesquite Hugger budget...
The Juiced OceanCurrent $1299 shipped!
May you find eco-friendly wheels that fit your budget, your body, y tu moda!
PS. For those of you who want an electric Bultaco that doesn't look like a vintage Bultaco...