Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Tiny Houses

I keep finding tiny houses fascinating. The compactness and efficiency, the idea of building a home that costs less and takes up little more space than an SUV, the thought of being very debt free. I have known the pressure of being overwhelmed with debt and with being overwhelmed with stuff. And I am a pretty typical middle-aged American in that sense - too much debt and too much stuff still overwhelms me and will continue to.

I also like the idea of creating a place that is completely self-sufficient. One of the biggest complaints my fellow Lubbock-ites have had this year is being at the mercy of our local utility company. A tiny house can help get you away from the massive costs of monthly utility bills or the massive cost of installing off-grid power systems.

Another advantage for a person like me is the excuse to tweak and innovate in building and improving the house. I am a happier person when my brain has little problems to solve.

With all that being said, no, I must admit that I have no intention of building or moving our family into a tiny house, but if any of my friends decide to go there, I will be happy to help - or at least find inspirational online videos to keep you hopping!

Here is a video that popped up recently and presents a lot of great ideas:
(Be sure to watch the part where she describes the measurement for building the stool.)


And, in case that house was just too big for your tastes, here is a smaller one to keep you dreaming:

So, are you or do you know anyone in this area who is building or living in a tiny house? If so, please let me know. I would love to interview and feature them in this blog.

May you have a day filled with joy and tiny inspiration!