Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Electric Hooliganism - and the Non-Tiny House Movement

A very entertaining video advertising the Oset 48volt 20" trials bike is making the rounds this week. The first time I watched it, the old brain was bouncing around from wow that guy can ride and has no fear of death or bodily harm or London traffic(!!!) to what a shame to treat a house that way(!!!) to omigosh that little bike's capabilities are truly astounding(!!!)

So here it is for your perusal:
Electric Mansion Trials

The takeaway (and can I squeeze in a hometown twist?) is that this video shows how light, powerful, and tough an electric motorcycle can be. And one of the few Oset dealers in Texas just happens to be here in Lubbock.

Here's the bike:
And here is the dealer info:
Trail JunkyzScooter McNeal806-441-1103LubbockTexas79416

I have never met Scooter McNeal, but I like his name and would  love to have one of those bikes! If you know him, tell him howdy from the Mesquite Hugger!

May you have good times that do not shatter your bones!