Friday, December 13, 2013

8 Reasons...Shamelessly Reposting from PlanetSave

Flipping through this article about reasons to buy an electric car today when I noticed that there is something for most of my friends and family in these reasons:

1: It’s all about the pickup, baby!
Who does not like kick-in-the-butt acceleration?

2: Goodbye to gas stations!
Grizz rides his 120mpg scooter in 40 degree weather. He hates paying for gas!

3: Hello, clean air.
Our family has a personal vendetta against lung cancer. Asthma and global warming suck too.

4: Global warming Jedi, they are.
I am surrounded by Jedi scum! (Rusty, Keith and Mellissa, Brian, Brent, my beautiful wife Toni)

5: You can plug your can into the sun!
Okay, that would be me.

6: Save massive moola!
I am and am surrounded by cheap bastards, but Jennifer takes the cake here - if it's free or there's a coupon.)

7: Smooth, quiet.
What we all aspire to be.

8: Essentially maintenance free.

Alright, you got me there, we're all a bit high maintenance. Maybe Spencer...

With all that being said, the article is still an enjoyable read, even if you don't want an electric car.

8 Reasons Electric Cars Kick Boot

May you have a phenomenal fuel-free Friday!