Wednesday, December 11, 2013

EV Racing for us poor boys and girls!

Several years ago, I attended my first AHRMA (American Historical Motorcycle Racing Association) race. And, as the brain is wont to do, the planning started in my head. Okay, I can pick up a cheap vintage motorcyle from the early '70's and start building. I could have a bike together for around $1000 to race in the lower classes. Then I could...

Our good friend Spencer!

But the logical brain soon kicked in with a calculator subroutine.

Nearest racetracks: Dallas and Albuquerque
Safety Gear: $
Weekend out of town: $
Fuel to get there and to race: $ (and I hate burning dino fuel)
Entry fee, time off from work, emergency room visits:$:$:$

So, I quickly gave up on cheap racing.

A few years later, I discovered Puddle Duck racing and the brain jumped into action again. The brain planned a local(ish) challenge where a group of us would build our own recycled puddle ducks through the fall and have a winner-takes-all regatta in the spring.

Then I realized that none of my friends liked the idea of building their own boat, and that most did not like the idea of racing anything that did not burn rubber or gasoline. AND WE LIVE IN A DESERT!

So a few months back, the brain (reading Make Magazine) became aware of another form of racing that fit most all of the Mesquite Hugger criteria:
It reuses and recycles
It involves electric vehicles
Desert environments are ok
High dork factor!

This form of racing is...(Drumroll please!)
The Power Wheel Racing Series!

Barbie Jeep Revival

Okay, there it is. I am glad to have that off my chest. Gentlemen and Ladies, start your brains and start building! Spring will be here before you know it!
(Hi, Fester!)
May your brain be filled with your next recycled quest!!!