Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Mesquite Hugger Resolves to Give Up Resolutions

¡Gol, Estados Unidos! (Pero no resolucíones)

I have tried resolutions in the past, and they all turn out to be that nagging Jewish mother voice that sometimes haunts me. I won't subject you to that again, but you can check out the post from October 29th if you feel the need.

I hear that voice a lot. I hear it when I see the unfinished or unstarted projects - wind, solar, efficiency, transportation, etc. I hear it when I am pouring money into a gas pump and breathing those lovely toxic fumes. I hear it when I am drinking sweet tea from a styrofoam cup. I hear it when I analyze my bank statement and see how many things I support in reality but despise in theory.

The problem with a resolution is that it is vague. I am going to save the planet. I am going to live healthier. I am going to go to the gym. (I never say that last one - too much productive work to be done with that energy.)

So I am resolving setting a few quarterly goals, measurable goals that are attainable. If I hear Mrs. Baumgartner's nagging voice this year, I want it to be a specific nagging.

So, here are three small green resolutions goals for this quarter:

I will have an aquaponics system built and operational by April 2, 2014.
Details: 20 gallon tank, located in the laundry room, LED lighting

I will assemble a solar charging station in the garage specifically for charging the electric 2 wheelers that reside there (bicycle, motorcycle, and Vespa).

I will start carrying a refillable water bottle and stop buying drinks from restaurants that use disposable cups. Okay, this one feels a lot like a resolution, I will work on a more concrete plan for that.

For those of you who are thinking to yourself Oy vey, this guy talks too much - this blog needs more pictures! Here is a link to last year's HuffPo green resolution slideshow.

Huffington Post Green Resolution Slideshow

May you have a phenomenal 2014, and may the world in which you live become healthier, cleaner, and more filled with joy!