Tuesday, December 3, 2013

WOOHOO!!! It's real! (Electric Bike News)

In contrast to yesterday's rambling philosophic introversion post, this is something real, mechanical, tangible, and American designed and built.

They emailed me today! The Copenhagen wheel is available for pre-order. It is no longer on the list of vaporware that may never appear for us mere mortals. And I hope this turns into a VW beetle for the modern age.

You may be asking yourself, "What's so special about this thing?"

Let's start by recapping the virtues of an electric bicycle:
No gas.
No registration fee.
No insurance requirement.
Each (electric) fill-up will cost you less than a nickel - often less than a penny.
You can still exercise.
Free parking (and always a good parking space).
Very low maintenance.
You might actually enjoy your commute.
Phenomenally less environmental destruction.
(Keep in mind that most car driving Americans spend more than 30% of their income on owning, maintaining, and operating a car.

So, what's so cool about THIS electric bike?

Let's just check out two photos:

This is a fairly typical DIY ebike - it actually looks tidier than a few I have built. The cost for this particular setup was around $600.

This is the Copenhagen wheel DIY bike. The cost for the Copenhagen wheel is $699.
Need I say more? Well, I will let their very slick website do the talking!
And, just in case you want to check out the typical ebike and many more like it, head over to EVAlblum.
May you have a big red wheel on your bike soon and may you joyfully and healthfully ride on past the gas station!