Monday, January 6, 2014

I was very excited, now I am pretty excited - Ford C-Max Solar Energi

To start with, my family's most (realistically) appealing electric cars on the market today are the Ford Plug-In hybrids (PHEV). The Energi versions of the C-Max and the Fusion top our list for what we'd go buy today if we had it in the budget. Yes, we'd rather have a Tesla, but considering the price point, we'd buy one (or two) of the Fords for a lot less money.

And, during the government bail-outs a few years back, Ford impressed us a great deal more than GM or Chrysler. And the Prius PHEV has a dismally low electric-only range.

So imagine my excitement when I see a solar-powered C-Max pop up on all the EV and green media outlets.

Clean Technica Solar C-Max Article

This car can sit in the sun (sort of) for 6 hours, and then drive you 21 miles without using a plug-in or a gas station. With a full tank of petrol, it can take you 620 miles without stopping. So we've got an off-grid around-town EV and a long-range family road tripper when needed.

But my initial misunderstanding came with the idea that this car had built-in fresnel lenses to amplify the solar panel. After a closer reading, I came to understand that the lenses would be placed in a carport-like structure and the car would be parked under it. So, it won't charge up through solar power in six hours just anywhere. It would do that only under its special carport.

Even so, it's pretty darn cool! The idea of a mass-produced car from an established manufacturer that can power itself for the majority of its travel without a plug-in or a gas pump...bring it on!

May you travel cleanly soon.

Electric Vehicle Glossary

Cool Fresnel Lense Video - Please don't try this at home without inviting me over to watch.

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