Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Rusty Announces the Power Wheels Race! (May 10-11, 2014)

From the creative mind(s) who brought you lots of crazy fun stuff, including the internet sensation Cthurkey, we have the introduction of Lubbock's own Power Wheel race. Mark your calendars and get to building! In his own words:

Okay… in the endless quest for fun, but really stupid things to do ( or conversely stupid but really fun) There’s going to be a power wheels race come May 10-11. A page will be made at https://powerwheelsracing.lsdg.orgAs the details are hammered out, they’ll be posted there.
Rules are going to be vaguely based on these guys – obviously several of their organizational things don’t apply
Summery for those who just want the gist:
· o Chassis from a ‘power wheels’ style toy

· o Electrically powered, 12-36 volts.

· o Racing for fun in a parking lot. Adult drivers.

· o Built as cheaply as possible, recycle, reuse, repurpose!

o The guideline for no more than $500 dollars is a big point of this. Less is more. I don’t think anyone is really interested in maintaining a log of receipts, so this will be on the honor system. If you manage to build something for the cost of a roll of duct tape that can roll an adult around… you definitely succeed! Cheaper and scrounged is much cooler than throwing cash until it goes fast!
Currently there are 4 vehicles being planned, the more is merrier!
If you want to participate, but don’t want to do bad funthings to a beloved toy… race ‘officials’ would be very welcome, and anything that isn’t clear a profoundly unsafe idea is encouraged!
No entry fees! No paper work! No liability on my part!
Things that haven’t been decided yet:
Exact format of race:
Sprints, endurance, combo, ¼ mile? If you are building a entry you get a say
Exact location/ layout of track:
Probably an empty parking lot somewhere in town, suggestions that don’t cost anything are very welcome! Ones that are just cheap are still welcome!
I don’t have a score board, a racing ‘tree’, or an automated timer so that’ll need to be sorted out…
Things that are quite certain –
If you build an entry, bring an electrical fire appropriate fire extinguisher. Adult drivers. Cheap Prizes.
May your days be filled with fun, but really stupid things to do.