Thursday, January 2, 2014

Stop living in a trashy neighborhood!

I have been walking a lot lately, and on my walks I have come to realize something shocking. I live in a trashy neighborhood.

My first reaction was pretty simple. It is time to move. I need to move to a nicer neighborhood.

My second reaction(s) shot that down a few milliseconds later. I like our house, I like our neighbors, I hate moving, I am too cheap/broke to pay realtors and deposits and all that fun stuff. Then the $ money side kicked in - we have two or three college educations to pay for, the chihuahua needs braces, one of the greyhounds needs bifocals and a toothbrush, the other greyhound needs to be put on a frequent visitor account at the emergency vet…

So, my third reaction hatched a plan. It's time to start a neighborhood cleanup committee. I can create a website or social media page or a blog. I can post flyers and do a direct mail-out.

But that sounded like a lot of work.

So, I came up with another plan, and it is working out great. If you see a dorky middle-aged guy walking around my neighborhood with a little trash bag, that's me carrying out the plan. It's been going a few weeks now, and the neighborhood is looking much better. And my recycle bins are filling up a lot quicker. And I am getting a little exercise. And, I am getting closer to being able to touch my toes.

And I no longer live in a trashy neighborhood.

May you find simple solutions to complex problems.

City of Lubbock Solid Waste Services Homepage
(Be sure to stay on the page long enough to watch the retro-cool-dorky infographics)