Friday, February 7, 2014

Five More Minutes

Think of your daily schedule. Where would five more minutes make a big difference?

I think in blocks of time anyways, so it's pretty easy to think that way. This morning I got out of bed a little earlier than usual. Five more minutes this morning gave me time to put together a leftover lunch to take to work.

I know, big deal, the MH is brown-bagging it (or re-usable containering it). It is a big deal, though.

That five minute lunch prep will allow me to eat lunch at the office, so I will not spend twenty minutes of my lunch playing bumper hockey with the Escalades in my little truck (Lucy) to and from a fast food place where I would spend $8-12 for a meal (probably served in styrofoam and dripping in grease and sugar). I would probably spend 30 minutes there surrounded by other people who are (like me) impatient, broke, overweight, and not very healthy.

Now, I am pondering the time I have at lunch today. I can leisurely eat my lunch and still have 35 minutes left to read a book go for a walk write a blog entry work on thank you cards pray meditate plan the weekend plan V-day work out or go back to work early so I can get a 35 minute head start on the weekend.

Dang, that feels good! Just five more minutes and now I am richer skinnier more relaxed greener and feel less guilty about saying, "Screw you, Earth! I am having fried steak fingers and you're all going to pay for it!" as I let my truck idle at a red light.

Now, think what you could do with ten more minutes...

May time be on your side.