Friday, February 7, 2014

Tiny Houses, Grain-Bin Houses: Going Full Circle

Here at Mesquite Hugger, we love us some tiny houses, and we love us some grain bin houses, so imagine how much we'd love tiny grain-bin houses! And imagine if we could just pick up the phone and order one from a grain bin company in Iowa, and if it had a double roof, built-in planters, and its own water collection system, and if it was pretty darned cheap, and if it was made out of recycled steel, and if the kit would fit in the back of a pickup, and if the company was passionate about helping people in climate-ravaged areas, and if you and a few friends could assemble it it two days with no specialized tools.

If you can't imagine all that, maybe you should watch this video.

May you never have to stand in the corner!

Today's Bonus Link: A trout fishing dude named Jonathan "Earl" Stein and his Montesilo