Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Today's Bumper Stickers in Lubbock, Texas

At coffee this morning, we talked about the cold, about making bio-diesel out of waste veggie oil, about aquaponics, and about a diesel/electric hybrid scooter, and we talked about the value of having good friends and loyal dogs. I left coffee in a very good mood.

Two blocks away, I sat behind a minivan at a light and noticed a variation on this bumper sticker:
The one I saw was slightly different - it included a graphic of an AR-15 assault rifle. My mind wandered away to a young man I visited in an Abilene hospital a few years ago. Machines were keeping his body alive so that we could say goodbye. He had a .22 caliber hole just above his left eye.

I followed the minivan for a mile or so until it turned off in another direction.

Sitting at another light, I noticed another bumper sticker. This one was on the bumper of a double-cab, 4-wheel-drive pickup.
A big cloud of smoke poured out of its over-sized exhaust as it roared away from the light.

May you