Thursday, February 6, 2014

Vintage Electric Cars Small and Smaller OR Why I Should Be Banned from Ebay

Once in a while, I take a dangerous little trip over to Ebay and type "electric car" into the search box. The dangerous part for me is never the new and shiny, it's the old and quirky. This week's search was filled with temptation.

To start with, a car that I wanted really badly in the past re-appeared this week. (I am thankful to report that its auction has successfully ended.) Last year it was for sale in the Eureka area and was still hippied out. It was a very desirable early Beetle on a more desirable later Beetle chassis, and it was a running and driving electric vehicle. And it was cheap. Actually less than I would end up paying a few months later for an electric motorcycle with similar capabilities and no roof. But, oh, temptation was there.

(This photo is before they scraped off all the cool hippy stuff, snagit!)

Next up, a real factory prototype, a piece of electric vehicle history. Yes, it needs work and you would have to find your way around the unavailable parts issue, but dang that thing is cool.

I have written about Citicars before. Imagine the peace and quiet of being in a silent car compounded by the fact that none of my family would get in that ugly beast (for a lot of very sound reasons).

Wanting something a little more British and a lot sportier?

Or how about a nicer Beetle that looks good AND is still available?

It's time to click the little "X" in the top right-hand corner of the Ebay screen. Maybe the weather will warm up soon and I can finish up the electric bicycle. Then maybe I can find more time to ride and less time to drool over this lovely collection of headaches that others are trying to get rid of.

May you have a warm day and not buy yourself a headache.