Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Getting Shocked by the Bug

So, I watched Rods N' Wheels last night and did get to see the EV West '59 Beetle conversion. There was more drama than detail, but it was still fun to see.

It made me remember the first VW conversion site I ever ran across. I spent hours going back over each page. I am a slow learner and a slow thinker, and it took a lot of looking for my brain to start believing that an electric car could be a real, tangible thing.

If that's where you are, check out Wilderness EV with their multiple kits and completed cars.

Are you that EV enthusiast who thinks, "Well, gee, if one motor is good, but two motors..."? Well, gee, you may want to check out Rebirth Auto and their twin engine kit. (They also sell single-engine kits for those of you who do not think that more is a lot more.)

Were you blown away by the EV West conversion on Rods N' Wheels (or on earlier Mesquite Hugger posts)? You may want to check out their site or some of their great youtube videos.

Or, maybe you feel the need for electric beetle speed. Check out Black Current.

May your beetle be clean and green!