Monday, October 19, 2015

My favorite infographic was made into a (short) movie!

Saturday, my wife and I were standing in my favorite store in New Mexico - Seconds. It's a shop where every product could be the final product of an Instructable gone incredibly right. Everything in there is recycled, upcycled, solar, or some kind of renewable. We were drooling over lots of cool items, and we found ourselves focused on a set of eco-friendly eating utensils. (They were designed to carried into those eating establishments that normally serve food with disposable plastic sporks and such, or to take with you camping.) They were beautifully crafted from bamboo and came with a washable carry bag. And they would make a great gift for someone who is looking for another way to achieve personal carbon reduction.

Something like this.

Being the cheapo simpleton that I tend to be, I loved the idea but thought I would be better off running by the local thrift store to pick up a stainless-steel knife, fork, and spoon to carry with me. Then my brain drifted off to my favorite infographic of all time - you know, the one with the spoon.

While we were in New Mexico, we were partially off-grid and had little contact with the internet-connected world, so I did not check out Treehugger or the plethora of other favorite online news outlets for five days. I spent a little time this morning catching up and was pleasantly and coincidentally surprised when I found a TH article about GreenPeace's new video version of my favorite infographic of all time.

May you be moved to get off your lazy butt and wash your own snagging spoon! (Can you tell I have a small case of the post-vacation grouchedy?)
Have a great day - and wash a spoon, a fork, a plate, a coffee cup, or anything else that will keep the world from cranking out more disposable plastic crap!

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