Friday, March 28, 2014

Lubbock Electric Car Spotting and Duelling EV Commercials (Funny Stuff)

Electric car spotting in Lubbock has been good lately. You may remember the recent post where I found the Ford C-Max Energi parked next to Lucy. On Tuesday I was headed home from work and noticed a silver-haired gentleman in a silver Nissan Leaf hanging out in my mirror. He changed lanes and sped around me. I found myself with a big ol' vicarious EV grin on my face. I see Chevy Volts almost daily now.

This morning I received some texted photos from a co-worker. (Thanks Ben!)

It is a Ford Fusion Energi he spotted on the streets of Lubbock this morning. Woohoo!!!! Let the revolution begin!!!

On a somewhat related note, Ford fired a volley (complete with manure - MANURE!) at GM yesterday by releasing a commercial that responds to the Cadillac ELR ad that aired during the super bowl.  Be sure to watch the Caddy commercial first. Here they are:

The Cadillac ELR

Ford C-Max Energi

May the manure fly and help us into better cars!

Bonus EV Commercial Links for the day:

Nissan Leaf #1

Nissan Leaf #2