Monday, May 12, 2014

Local Wildlife: The Texas Spiny Lizard, A Bobcat Sighting - and Water

Last year, I posted a tiny gecko who was hanging out on our backyard tree, this time it was a huge Texas spiny lizard that was running around on the outside of my mother's home. He was nice enough to run down into a crack and wait there for a quick photo. Until today's research, I always heard these little guys called "fence swifts," but I like the sound of "Texas spiny lizard" much better. This one was at least eleven inches long.

Here is the Wikipedia entry for the lizard in question. Enjoy!

My second and more surprising sighting came a few hours later as we were headed home. It was about 8:30 pm on Highway 84 just northwest of Snyder. Prowling along the fence was a bobcat. A real, live, pointy-eared, bobbed-tailed bobcat! I have never seen a live one in the real world. Snagit, that was awesome!

Here is the Wikipedia entry for the cat in question.

Please conserve water. Here is today's headline:

May your day hold a wonderful surprise!

PS - for you regular regular readers, I am taking a short blog vacation. I will see you again next week!

Don't forget Ride to Work Day 2014 is this Friday.

As always, thank you for reading!