Friday, June 6, 2014

Keith, I finally watched this week's episode of Cosmos

Last night I watched this week's episode of Neil deGrasse Tyson's Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey on Fox. The episode is entitled The World Set Free. I have the whole season on DVR but had not yet watched any of them. This week's episode was on climate change, and I had been dreading it a little. Keith has been encouraging me to watch this episode in particular.

I go through periods where I binge on eco films and documentaries. Then I go through periods where I recover from the discouragement and hopelessness of those binges. Then I regain a measure of detachment to keep myself from getting overwhelmingly worn down and depressed. And I trudge forward.

Before starting this little blog, I sat down and wrote out what I hoped for Mesquite Hugger to offer and not to offer. Depression and hopelessness landed on the not to offer list. I want these thoughts, images, and links to offer excitement, inspiration, and solutions. There are plenty of outlets for finding news of the dark side, and I urge you to seek those out and to stay abreast of the latest eco outrages - you won't have any trouble finding them - but please come back here to find encouragement and a bit of mirth.

As for this episode of Cosmos, it was brilliant and not nearly as depressing as I feared. It offers a detailed but easy to understand breakdown of carbon's role in our world and in the atmosphere of Venus. And I would like for every thinking person on our planet to watch it. It is depressing to some extent, but it also offers thoughtful and intelligent solutions and hope for our future. And it calmly and simply blast holes in almost every climate denial argument I have ever seen. Please watch it.

(A little side note: it does tickle me that this episode was presented by the same network that owns and profits a great deal from feeding the black hole that is Fox News. But that is fodder for another blog.)

May we work together soon.