Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Lubbock, get a huge flower, support a local green business, and eat some cookies!

I had a few minutes to swing by the Lubbock Downtown Farmers Market this weekend, and I fell in love with a big silver sunflower. There, in front of the Cactus Theatre, it was churning out fresh-baked cookies. And it was not hooked up to electric power. And it was not hooked up to gas power. And there were no flames. It just sat there taking in a few rays, and it baked cookies in twelve minutes. Really good cookies! (Yes, I have a great weakness for fresh-baked cookies.)

The woman passing out the cookies was Janie McNutt, the president of Solar Chef International. Be sure to check out the website to see these really great solar ovens that are being produced here on the South Plains. I keep looking at plans for diy solar ovens, but I have not seen anything yet to rival the intelligent design features packed into these powerful ovens.

May your cookies do very little damage to the environment and your waistline!

PS. You can apparently use these ovens for things other than cookies, but why?