Friday, August 29, 2014

Lubbock Lake Landmark: Be a Tourist at Home!

So, it's a concept that I don't understand, but I am definitely guilty of this one. Why would people drive or fly hundreds of miles to be tourists when they won't visit the tourist sites in their own home town? How many times have you heard that there is nothing to do around here?

My wife and I were fortunate enough a few years back to spend a few days in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. And we had a great time! Sioux Falls is a town of a few hundred thousand in a flat area surrounded mostly by plains. They have a very cool arts district. They have an airport. The people are pretty friendly. In essence, it was a town very much like Lubbock, but further north.

We hit every tourist site we could find. We visited a butterfly house, the local nature interpretive center, the local brewery, and the arts district. We ate in local restaurants. And we had a great time! Sioux Falls, in many respects, is another Lubbock.

All this is to say that I am a slacker - I have never visited the Lubbock Lake Landmark. But I hope to fix that problem soon. There are two walks scheduled at the LLL in September, a Walk 4 Health and a Night Walk!

I am hoping to catch the night walk. We have some beautiful nights around here in the fall! And this is a great excuse to get out and enjoy one.

And I am going to hit up the gift shop for Christmas this year. Don't be surprised if you receive a cuddly plush animal from the Mesquite Hugger - they have prairie dogs, jackrabbits, and armadillos, oh my!

PS. Don't forget the Lubbock Downtown Farmers Market tomorrow.

May you enjoy being a tourist in your home town!