Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Recycling Ideas: Let's Get Rolling - Tires, that is

In case you are tired of all the tires we have lying around:

One of my office mates is driving her Tahoe around with four tires in the back hatch. Why, because she is very thrifty and the average disposal fee for getting rid of old tires (when purchasing new ones) is a little over $9 per tire.

Some lovely trucker dumped 15 semi truck tires at Grizz' hobby shop, so they are stacked up out back.

Lubbock Power and Light customers are allowed to haul 4 passenger car tires per year per household to the city dump. Be sure to take your utility bill with you.

But, wouldn't it be better to find something useful to do with these used tires that seem to overwhelm us these days? Instructables to the rescue!

And here is a cool Autoblog article about others who are recycling tires.

May we all tread a little more lightly!

PS. If anyone local is interested in 15 free semi truck tires...