Friday, August 22, 2014

Tar Sands vs Electric Car: Practical Math

A quote from the Mark Brook article linked below:

It appears that using natural gas and grid electricity to produce oil instead of applying it directly to our transportation needs is like feeding bread to a cow instead of grain. Yes it works, but it is an unnecessary and costly waste that only the baker benefits from.

Let's make it clear. I am a big fan of electric cars. I am also a big opponent of tar sands extraction and transportation. And the two concepts are absolutely linked. The environmental destruction that accompanies tar sands extraction and transport is massively greater than any other form of petroleum extraction we have yet put into place. And the fallacy that running a pipeline from Alberta to Houston will provide America with wealth, prosperity, and energy independence is a very sad joke that has been told by Canadian businessmen and corrupt American politicians. The pursuit of cleaner forms of transportation offers us some hope for continuation of our species on this planet. The expanded pursuit of tar sands bitumen offers us a quick buck and a cancerous and asthmatic early grave. And the use of imminent domain to force Americans off of their land to benefit a Canadian company adds a great deal more bitterness for me.

Yesterday I ran across an article on that caught my interest: Tar Sands vs. EVs.

That article lead me to a more detailed article that is very informative and enlightening on the subject: The Oil Sands’ Surprising New Nemesis: Plug-in Vehicles.

This is not an environmental article aimed at Mesquite Huggers like me. This article is purely and simply math. How much energy (including electricity) is consumed in producing tar-sands gasoline vs. how much energy is consumed to travel in an electric car.

(Infographic from the article)

So, even for those of you have no desire hug a tree, it makes more financial and business sense to operate your car on locally produced electricity than on that nasty stuff that is destroying our environment for everyone.

May you travel greenly, cheaply, and happily.

PS. I am very fond of a number of Canadians and several Canadian exports. (Bieber and the prime minister, however, are not included in this list.)

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