Friday, August 22, 2014

The Copenhagen Wheel vs. FlyKly (The versus week continues!)

The Battle of the Self-Contained, Electric-Assist Bicycle Wheels!

Riding the bike to work this morning was tough. I have come to learn that the bike is an amplifier. If it's hot outside, the bike makes it hotter. If there is a gradual incline, the bike makes it a hill. A hill becomes a mountain.

This morning, a breeze became a wind. Each time I turned south or rode into an open area, the wind started pushing back. There was no coasting to be done. The twenty-five-minute ride became a thirty-two-minute ride. And the trip up the stairs to my office...

Those extra seven minutes gave me extra time to think. Lots of questions pedaled around my brain:

Who can I call to pick me up?
How committed am I to this National Bike Challenge thing?
Whose idea was this anyway?
When are the FlyKly and the Copenhagen Wheel shipping?
Is this what fall and winter are going to be like?
Does Cinnabon deliver to moving targets?
Is it time to order an electric bike kit?
When are the FlyKly and the Copenhagen Wheel shipping?
Should I look for a job closer to home?
Isn't "telecommute" a beautiful word?
Why is that woman in the Tahoe laughing at me?
Does this mountain bike tire make my butt look bigger?
When are the FlyKly and the Copenhagen Wheel shipping?
Which one should I buy?
Will I spend the whole winter waiting for a wheel that ships "this fall"?
Should I just spend the money on a lesser bike kit that is currently available?
Which of them should I buy????!!!!!

Obviously, I came up with no answers while riding. All the oxygen was going to my muscles, and the brain is a little iffy even when there is plenty of oxygen.

Much later, after catching my breath, I typed "flykly versus copenhagen wheel" in the Google box. (I never use caps in the Google box.)

And an article popped up.

I had already been leaning toward the Copenhagen Wheel. It had four advantages for me:
Like Howard Wallowitz, it graduated from MIT.
I heard about it first.
It is 48V/350W instead of 36V/250W - refer back to the "classified as obese" blog entry.
I can sell more advertising space for West Crust Pizza on the Copenhagen Wheel.

Then I read the article. The writer of the 3-part article turned out to be a much bigger fan of the Copenhagen Wheel, the company's approach to building, testing, and customer service, and to their chances of continuing to evolve and improve their product.

If you always wanted to learn more about these two competing products, check out the article on for more details.

May the challenges of your commute not be amplified.