Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Lubbock Fandom: Go Texas Tech [Professors!]

Okay, I have reached a new level of dorkdom. I admit it. I truthfully can not name a single athlete who plays any sport for our local state university, Texas Tech, but I get all excited when I see my favorite Tech professor in any form of media. I am a Katharine Hayhoe fan. I might even need a KH t-shirt to wear around Lubbock.

Today, I popped on over to Treehugger.com, and there she was! And there she was in cartoon form as part of the 97 Hours of Consensus Project! And when I went to the 97 Hours website, she was standing next to another of my favorite scientists - Dr. James Hansen! Click over there to find him for yourself. (One hint to help in your search - he has less hair than she does.)

Cartooning is the sincerest form of flattery!(?)

(Here she is in non-cartoon form.)

Here is an interview with Dr. Hayhoe where she discusses the drought in West Texas: Climate Change and the Drought: An Interview With Katharine Hayhoe

And here is an earlier MH post that features the good doctor:
Time Magazine Recognizes Texas Tech Climate Scientist

May your university be known for the brilliance and wisdom of its thinkers - not for the prettiness of its coach!