Tuesday, September 23, 2014

West Texas: Another Sight We Seldom See

I have family about two hours south of here. I spend a lot of time heading up and down Highway 84. South of Post, it is a really beautiful drive - at least for the first several hundred trips. Eventually, it all becomes background. I find myself driving by without noticing the beauty.

One place I do still notice is the Brazos River crossing at Justiceburg. I always glance as I drive over to see if there is a little bit of mud in the riverbed. On fantastic days, there is a little trickle of movement in the water. Over the years, I have seen actual running water three times, and one of those was last Saturday. And I wanted to share it with you. If you live somewhere that actually has naturally-occurring running water, you might not appreciate the red mud stream, but for those of us who are local, it is downright miraculous.

Brazos Running

May you see miracles in your version of the drought!

PS - The impatient white beast at the end is my Sasha, who really wanted us to take a swim. More about her here:
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