Saturday, October 18, 2014

Lubbock: Thank you tiny predators!

I came home last night to find a tiny Mediterranean gecko munching on mosquitoes near our garage light. Being me, my spirit soared to see our sticky-footed visitor. 

This morning, I swatted a mosquito in the house. I fed it to our betta - she loves skeeters! And it got me to thinking. So, thank you to those prayerful mantises.
A mantis looks into the Mesquite Hugger living room.

Thank you to the spiders, the bats, the dragonflies. Thank you to the playa-pond dwellers: the frogs, fish, toads, and birds. In the worst mosquito season I have seen in Lubbock, thank you for fighting the good fight while eating local!

May your day be bite free, and may the little insectivores be blessed.

PS. Think twice before killing that spider.