Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Tiny House Articles: A Year of Tiny and USA Today heads to Spur, Texas

A young married couple with the run-down on tiny house living after their first year.

Take special note of the bathroom fan advice and the importance of planning for ice cream!

Favorite line: we have found that our friends now introduce us as “these are the tiny house people we were telling you about”

A Year of Tiny

Back in August, USA Today reported on the phenomena of tiny houses and started the piece with info about Jeremy Hensley, the first person to accept Spur, Texas' invitation to move to town to live the tiny house lifestyle.

Favorite line: Owners of tiny homes "aren't people who are going to be spending money on their mortgage." Jeremy Hensley

Building communities one tiny house at a time

And here is the Spur tiny house blog: Small Footprint, Big Freedom

May you dream big and live tiny, or something like that.