Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Instructables Contests: Green Energy and Indoor Gardening!

Artist's rendition of the killer in question - buy here.

I did a little refurbish on my Instructables aquaponics setup over the weekend. To be honest, I do very little with it. It plugs along pretty successfully on its own, but I needed to condense tanks a bit - one of the playa-lake perch refugees had gone on a killing spree, so it was time for some changing, and I wanted to make arrangements to share the light with some potted cherry tomatoes.

As does seemingly everything, it got me to thinking. This time I was thinking about Instructables.

So I swung by the Instructables site and found a few contests that I thought would interest you too.

And there's lots of good news. First, they are both still open for entries. Second, they reward people for doing things that dorks people like us like to do in our spare time anyways. Third, you can win cool stuff like electronic gizmos and home aquaponics setups! Fourth, Instructables is just plain cool.

So go build something and get it posted, you lazy hippie wonderful inventor!

May you gain fame and prizes for doing cool and productive stuff!

PS. Here is my own Instructables project blog post: Personal Goal Accomplished - Aquaponics