Monday, December 8, 2014

Want to stop smoking? Buy a Leaf!

Okay, I read the title of this article on and my brain went into gear. How would driving an electric car encourage anyone to stop smoking?

  • Would the driver think Well, my car does not smoke, so neither should I?
  • Does the Leaf not have a cigarette lighter or ashtray installed?
  • Do the Leaf owners start hanging out with a different group of people who shun smokers?
  • Do electric motors emit some type of EMF signal that stifles the urge to smoke?
  • Is it some subliminal thought that one should not smoke near a pile of leaves due to fire hazard?

Finally, I broke down and read the article. The solution is quite simple and practical. You will have to read it for yourself here:

How to Quit Smoking: Buy an Electric Car

May your vehicle foster better health habits!